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Racing 2018

Looking good with fresh white paint

After a very tough 2017 with no racing, Iím looking forward going racing this year. Dave, at Brunswick, has given the engine a refresh and arranged a paint refresh with his mate, Jonny, who has done a fine job of sorting the paint.

Updates to the car include adjustable front spring mounts, a heated screen (itís nice to be able to see where you are going when itís wet), a programmable 123 dizzy that will allow Dave to optimise mid-range power, and repaired rear panels from various rear-end shunts. The car desperately needed a tidy-up as it was last painted over 13 years ago (by me!) and has lived a hard life since then. I have pretty much rewired it too in order to remove redundant wiring and improve reliability - still needs finishing off. Other jobs that will need completing before the season starts (in about 12 days) are replacing the rear wheel bearings (pad knock-back was getting tiresome), new tyres, a new extinguisher (the old one having time-expired), some better towing straps and some form of speedo for pit stops (probably my Garmin Edge 1000 cycling computer that I can also use as a stopwatch for pit-open).

Silverstone International First race of the year. First race in a couple of years. I have never done the International circuit before but Iíve normal gone well at the National. To cut the story short, I finished 5th ex about 42 starters - 4th in class. Frustratingly, I suffered what seemed to be a fuel starvation issue - full whack down the Hangar Straight and the power disappeared - not the circuit for this to happen. I short-shifted to try to mitigate the effect but frustrating is the only word to use. I suspect it was the breather not working properly on the fuel tank as the first lap or two after the pit stop were better. Anyhow, some investigation needed before Donny


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